Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bookship?

BOOKSHIP is a SEASONAL subscription box created to help frazzled fangirls read, relax, and revive. Each box includes a newly released Young Adult novel and bookish products, treats, and items delivered right to your front door.

How does it work?

You determine the length of commitment you want to make, then you wait patiently for your box to be delivered. Boxes are ONLY shipped in January, April, July, and October. It will arrive on your doorstep for you to enjoy!

How are the boxes priced?

Good News: You have two options to choose from! Simply, select the level of commitment (and discount) that is right for you. 

A seasonal reoccurring subscription is $50.00 +  shipping. 

A reoccurring year long subscription is $180.00 + shipping (that comes out to $45.00 per box). 

What can you expect in each box?

Each season your box will include a hot newly released Young Adult novel AND specialized items to help you enjoy your reading escape. Relive the flutters of first love, the excitement of best friends, and the thrill of possibility. Then, get closer to the stories you’re sure to love with bookish merchandise to keep the magic alive long after the pages have been turned. Your box will contain bookish products, items, and treats exclusively selected to please adults who need more time to read, relax, and revive.

When will I be billed?

First time subscribers will be billed immediately (including a year long subscription).  Reoccurring subscriptions will be billed on the 15th of January, the 15th of April, the 15th of July, and the 15th of October.


Some things to consider before subscribing: We gladly offer refunds for UNSHIPPED boxes; however, once a box has been shipped, we cannot accommodate refunding. Therefore,  if your account has renewed (per scubscription agreement your card has been charged) and you DO NOT WISH TO RECEIVE the box you must contact as soon as possible to let us know. A cancellation does not equal an automatic refund. 

We do not offer refunds based on preference. For example, if you receive a book or product that does not interest you - a refund will not be issues. We certainly encourage you to regift unwanted items to a fellow book-loving friend or family member. You may also be able to swap or sell items with members of our BOOKSHIP THERAPY Facebook group.  We encourage interaction and feedback, however, we can not offer a refund in this situation.

We DO NOT offer refunds on pre-paid year long subscriptions UNLESS the first box of that subscription has not shipped. 

RETURNS are not accepted. Whether or not  the box has been opened, we do not issue refunds for returns.

If your box arrives and there is a damaged item, please send a photo of the item to and we will issue a replacement item. If that item is sold out, we will replace it with another item of equal value.

How do you cancel a subscription?

If your subscription has renewed, this means your card was charged. You will know it has renewed because you will be emailed a receipt (seasonal subscriptions renew 4 times a year once in Janaury once in April, once in July and once in October) . Cancelling a subscription does not give an automatic refund. If you need a refund, please email as soon as possible so we can stop the shipment of your next box. Once a box has shipped, we are not able to give a refund.

Cancelling a subscription means that you will receive any boxes that you have already paid for. This includes living out your pre-paid yearly subscription.  If your subscription renewed, and then you cancelled, you will still receive the box you paid for. Cancelling only prevents the subscription from renewing again in the future. 

Are you ready to start your new relationship with bookship?

Subscribe today and make a commitment to the one thing that will never let you down, a good book.